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Apps I use on Nexus 9

Zachary Powell - 18/12/2015

My Nexus 9 is the next most used device within my work flow. I use it a lot through-out the day, both during my free time to play games, read books and magazines. But today, I want to take a moment to look at a few of the apps I use more during a day of work.



Dropbox is my file sharing/backup cloud of choice. As I’m sure you know, there are a huge range of these systems available (Google drive, Onedrive, iCloud etc), but I have found that Dropbox is the only solution that works seamlessly across Windows/OSX/Ubuntu/Android/iOS and allows me to keep backups of my files from all Operating systems.

I use dropbox on my tablet to keep photos backed up, but also easily access any of my files I might need when I’m out and about. If a client needs to see a design for example, I will always have access to it.

The tablet app is also a great example of clean simple design. No fluff, just right to your data.




VLC is another great example of a program I use across the board. When I need to play a video file, I know that it can be played on VLC no problem. From time to time, a client might send me a video for something and with VLC I just know it will work. Again, I love using this app because of its material design and simple easy to use layout.




Another big use for my tablet is accessing other computers remotely. These might be my own devices or clients. Often they need me to show them how to use software I have developed or have questions about certain features. Teamviewer allows me to do this pretty seamlessly, connecting to any device on any operating system quickly. I often leave my Mac at home and might just need to run a program while I’m out, or check on the progress of a new software build.




As well as connection to full computers via Teamviewer, I also have a couple of headless servers, including a couple of Raspberry pi’s doing different tasks. One is a media server and another managers my local backup system. I also have a couple of remote servers for web development and other tasks. Using JuiceSSH, I can remotely connect to all of these via my tablet to easily check on them or run tasks.


Turbo Client


Again, just like the above two programs, I use Turbo Client to connect to servers via FTP. I have FTP servers running on my backup server and my remote servers, so if I need to access files remotely from these servers, this is the best app to use. Again it has a lovely clean design and makes accessing files very quick and easy.




When I’m not out and working at my desk instead, the Nexus 9 works as a great extra screen. I tend to keep to just a couple of Apps while I’m at my desk, and most of the above apps are easier from a desktop, with far more screen space. However, what I do tend to use is either Gmail or Skype. Using Gmail on the tablet works great as a dedicated gmail terminal, as emails come in I can quickly glance down at the tablet (positioned below my main computer monitor) and read them, without stopping my current work flow. If they need a response too, I can bring up the desktop client to do such at a time that is suitable.




The other app I will use while at my desk is Skype. Often this is used to speak with clients via video/voice chat or even via text. If I am having a busy day on Skype, I will move this to the tablet again so it does not disrupt my main work flow.


This is the first non development post. I will do these from time to time, explore my different work flows (what programs I use on the desktop etc), as well as reviewing hardware and software from time to time.

If you have anything you would like me to review or talk about, please comment below!

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